Welcome to Mirror Method!

We are glad to see your interest in our work but please note that at the moment all courses and activities are lead in Hungarian only. Non-Hungarian speakers are welcome to attend, provided they can secure an interpreter for themselves and the lead instructor allows this. One-on-one courses are not offered in any language as we believe that dogs learn best when surrounded by their peers and owners can help one another, reflecting on each other’s work.

The first Mirror Method Dog School was founded in the autumn of 1990 at Népsziget under the direct leadership of Gábor Korom. 

Gábor Korom is the leading dog expert of Hungary, who has developed the Mirror Method®  and currently oversees a special Puppy Education course. He hosted the “Neveletlenek” show on channel m2 as well as “Egyik kutya, másik nem” on channel TV2. Prior to directing his focus to dog education, Mr Korom was the most successful member of the Hungarian team at the Boston  WUSV work dog race. He has authored two books so far, available in Hungarian (Neked Ugatok and zsEBetikett).

About the past

Gábor Korom started his career with dogs more than three decades ago. Like many others, he was driven by the desire to have a dog and spend as much time as possible together. As a teenager he often felt that he could understand dogs more easily than fellow humans. 

After a while he turned to racing with dogs, where strict rules and the competitive nature of the sport present great expectations to candidates. The dog often becomes a mere tool in the process of chasing better results to achieve success. When a particularly gifted dog of Gábor’s got ill with no medical grounds, he decided to stop racing. As the dog recovered, this experience sparked Gábor’s interest in the relationship between dogs and humans as well as the problems of average dog owners. Despite his wide-ranging experience both as a candidate and trainer for dog world championships, he started to focus on developing a unique method with a novel approach.

The  Tükör Módszer / Mirror Method was founded on the values, experience and approach of Gábor Korom. It aims to understand the language of dogs instinctively and provide humans with a new teaching methodology. Népsziget in Budapest was the home to the first dog school in Hungary offering training courses in a small group setting with dogs learning freely, without a lead.

Gábor Korom was the first in the world to teach using the trio of settling a relationship-teaching-lifestyle. He started to advocate for collecting dog poo from the streets and encourage dog owners to try different sports with their dogs. As a result, he started developing a new game for dogs, Ebathlon  and the by n)ow independent system of K99 exams, where different categories offer challenges to everyone from beginners to professional dog racers. 

The present

Gábor Korom continuously develops his method and is currently focusing on the Puppy Education programme started 5 years ago with former, talented students of his leading the 5 Mirror Method schools in Budapest. 

The Puppy Education programme (KölyökProgram) consists of two courses. The first stage is teaching 3-6 month-old puppies and their owners in a phase when dogs absorb new skills like sponges and are essentially a blank page. Upon completing the course, the dogs and their owners gain knowledge and freedom beyond any expectations. It becomes possible for owners to take walks safely without a lead, have no problems calling their dog back and establish a harmonious and trustworthy relationship overall. The PuppyPro (KölyökPro)course allows owners to develop further and gain a deeper understanding of both themselves and their dog. 

Social responsibiliy

Ever since founding the first Mirror Method dog school we wanted to spread the culture of creating a great and safe environment for both the dog owner and their surroundings. Putting an end to the  “poo sea” in cities, parks and streets as well as preventing accidents that arise due to badly-informed dog owners were both issues that we addressed and looking back can say that managed to improve – it was worth our effort. 

Mirror Method dog schools and centers

The Népsziget Dog School opened in 1990 and was followed by the Őrmező Dog School in 2009, the Rákoscsaba Dog School in 2011 and the Kőbánya Dog School in 2013. Most recently, the Hajógyári Dog School is to open in April 2021. The biggest dog school of Hungary is that of Népszgiet where the Mirror Method was born and where the lives of ever so many dog&owner duos changed for the better.

  • The Népsziget Dog School is easily accessible by both public transport and car. The dog owners can enjoy great walks along the Danube and can even let their canine friends take a cooling bath in the water in the summer heat.

  • At the south of Buda, the Őrmező Dog School is welcoming dogs in an exciting area with rolling hills.
  • The Hajógyári Dog School is a specialized center for  the Puppy Programme.

  • The Rákoscsaba Dog School was specifically chosen to assist the Noe Animal Rescue with whom we cooperate tightly. The dogs (mostly of rather challenging backgrounds) adopted from the shelter are given an opportunity to create a well-grounded relationship with their owners at the school.

  • The Kőbánya Dog School was opened in the heart of Budapest to provide  easy access to those living downtown.