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Puppy Class


At this age dogs are very curious and susceptible to experiences. The experiences they have at this age have a long term affect on them. So it is very important to start socialization early, let them meet different stimuli in a controlled environment with positive experiences.

Also, they have to learn to communicate well with other dogs and the best way to learn this through play. Our trainers supervise them and intervene if a puppy plays too rough.
At our school we lay emphasis on teaching the owners. We teach you how to motivate your puppy, get his attention, reinforce him, strengthen the bonding and help you with advice regarding different situations. The earlier you start to learn how to earn your dog's respect, the better.

Young dogs learn extremely fast and clicker training is the best way to teach them. In the puppy class you will learn the basics of clicker training and teach your dog the basic cues. You will be amazed how much fun it will be for both of you!

The puppy class sessions are not a part of an ongoing curriculum. You can join the group at any occasion and the frequency of visits is also up to you. If needed, we put the dogs into different groups, according to size, age, temperament and sensitivity. The dogs are off leash all the time, except when we practice leash manners.

Puppy class is strongly advised to every puppy and compulsory for tough breeds and for shy, sensitive dogs! This is the best time to start socialization and to learn more about your dog before problems arise.

If your dog has more than one owner, we welcome all of you to our classes!
  • Socialization with dogs and people under supervision
  • Habituation of stimuli (bicycle, lawnmower, strange objects, surfaces and noises) - Desensitizing
  • Advice: how to house train your dog, what rules to have, what to allow
  • Teaching your dog the basics, like sit, down, stay, come when called, leash manners
  • Crate training
  • Lots of play with other dogs
  • Fun games you can play with your dog
Requirements: the puppy is between 3 and 7 months old and has all vaccinations.

What you need to bring:
- A hungry puppy. Please don't feed your puppy on the day of class
- Treats depending on the size of your puppy, like hot
dogs, cheese or roasted chicken that is sliced into small pieces
in a zip lock bag 
- A treat pouch and a clicker
- A leather or fabric collar and leash. No choke chains, 
martingales, halti head collars, pinch, prong or electric collars


Róbert Karádi

Access: By car: Next to the gas station, before Solymár (parking inside the dog school). By bus: from Hűvösvölgy terminal: No 64, 64A, 164, 264, bus stop: Kökörcsin street, Solymár



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