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Individual Training

To meet the needs of today’s fast-paced world we are happy to present you two new services: in-home training (in Budapest and its vicinity) and individual training at the school.
These trainings are mostly recommended for people who do not have sufficient time for their pets, or whose dog happens to be especially stubborn or suffers from bad habits, causing inconvenience to others.

There are some changes in certain circumstances, like the arrival of a child in the family or a change of residence, that might give reason to discipline your dog.

The individual training, as its name implies, makes it much easier to focus on your own problems in your home and around the house, while still following the curriculum of our standard courses.

Our trainers have extensive professional expertise and years of experience in canine behaviour.

During in-home training sessions our trainers will develop a custom curriculum together with you, which will enable you to learn the know-hows of living with a dog, familiarise yourself with the relevant theoretical background and acquire the necessary skills to successfully communicate with your dog.

One of the advantages of the individual trainings is that you will receive a tailor-made training that fits your dog’s personality and works with their own instincts. Since your trainer will work only with your dog, you might have to take fewer classes than in a group course as well.

For further information contact Róbert Karádi via phone: +36 20 376 0486 or e-mail:  [email protected]


Róbert Karádi

Access: By car: Next to the gas station, before Solymár (parking inside the dog school). By bus: from Hűvösvölgy terminal: No 64, 64A, 164, 264, bus stop: Kökörcsin street, Solymár



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