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About Us

Mirror Method Dog Training was born in Hungary as a result of many years of research. It is named after the theory that; our dog, like a mirror, shows what kind of owners we are. Although we will be focusing primarily on dog training, it is our philoshopy that all of our actions, whether related to dog training or not, have an effect on other people, animals and our planet as a whole, therefore we must be mindful of our actions.
The Mirror Method consists of three parts:
1. Ensuring appropriate lifestyle: if a dog can't expend his energies, he will try some very curious ways to relieve the stress. Mostly in the form of unwanted activities. If you give your dog enough physical, intellectual and instinctual exercise, you help him calm down and remain balanced.
2. Teaching with a clicker: by reinforcing the right behaviors, your dog figures out better ways to solve the problems that plague him.
3. Establishing respect through mindful leadership: dogs with behavior problems need to have an owner to look up to and follow more than other dogs. A fearful dog needs someone to trust and guide him. A tough dog needs an even tougher one.

It is not always easy to be conscious of our environment; we are not always aware of what our dogs are doing, nor even what we sometimes signal to our dogs inadvertently.

Dogs in our Mirror Method classes are off-leash all the time; they can be called to come in any situation and they don't look for conflicts with other dogs. These behaviors reveal if a dog has respect for the owner/guardian or not. In addition, we have created a number of games and exercises that allow owners to collect what we call “respect-points".

When you come to a Mirror Method course, you will see yourself through your dog's eyes.

Some interesting side lines to our courses are that;
As opposed to traditional dog training classes, we don't always just tell you what to do.  It is our way, and an important part of the method, to give you the opportunity to learn things on your own. This way, you will find your own truths and your understanding will be deeper and more meaningful to you.

We believe that there is more than one way to achieve any goal  and we support people in using The Mirror Method teachings to attempt to reason out their own solutions  to their challenges.
Come and join the adventure. You and your dog will never be the same.


Róbert Karádi

Access: By car: Next to the gas station, before Solymár (parking inside the dog school). By bus: from Hűvösvölgy terminal: No 64, 64A, 164, 264, bus stop: Kökörcsin street, Solymár



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